10 Best Places To Find Scrap Metal

In this guide we will talk about some of the best place to find scrap metal for your next sculpture.

When it comes to finding scrap metal for your metal art projects, there are several great spots to explore.

1. Construction Sites:

Construction sites often have discarded metal materials such as beams, pipes, and rebar. Seek permission from the site manager and inquire about salvaging metal scraps.

2. Recycling Centers: 

Visit local recycling centers that accept metal. They often have designated areas for scrap metal where you can find various pieces and materials. Every town should have one and this can be a really great resource for cool pieces of scrap metal.

3. Junkyards and Scrap Yards: 

These establishments are treasure troves for scrap metal enthusiasts. Browse through their inventory or ask if they have a specific section for metal scraps. I have found that this is one of the best places to find used metal and they will often sell it to you for a little more than scrap price.

4. Industrial Areas: 

Explore industrial areas or manufacturing districts where surplus or discarded metal materials may be readily available. Make sure to check by dumpsters for discarded metal. Be sure to ask for permission or seek information from local businesses.

5. Demolition Sites: 

When buildings or structures are being demolished, there may be opportunities to salvage metal pieces before they are hauled away. Consult with the site manager and follow safety protocols.

6. Facebook and Online Platforms: 

Check online classifieds such as Facebook or other local platforms where individuals may advertise free or low-cost scrap metal. Exercise caution and arrange safe pickups. I use Facebook a lot to find certain pieces of metal. I do this because even though I usually have to pay for it, its much faster than some of the other means in this list.

7. Community Scrap Metal Events: 

Keep an eye out for community events or initiatives that focus on collecting and recycling scrap metal. These events often allow you to contribute to the collection and acquire scraps for your projects.

8. Freecycle and Free Sharing Groups: 

Join local Freecycle or free sharing groups where people offer unwanted items for free. While not specifically dedicated to scrap metal, you may come across individuals giving away metal pieces they no longer need.

9. Dismantling Appliances and Electronics: 

Appliances, old computers, and electronics contain valuable metal components. Properly dismantle them to salvage copper wires, aluminum parts, circuit boards, and other metal elements.

10. Networking and Word of Mouth: 

This by far is my number one resource when it comes to finding metal. Connect with other metal artists, scrap enthusiasts, or local blacksmithing groups. They may have leads on potential sources of scrap metal or can share their experiences in finding quality materials. My largest project to date was built from metal sourced from an artist that builds metal firepits. You can check my youtube page for the building of that sculpture.


Final Thoughts

Remember to prioritize safety when collecting scrap metal, wear appropriate protective gear, and consult local regulations regarding scrap collection. Happy hunting, and may your metal art projects flourish with recycled treasures!

If you have a spot were you find metal treasure, let me know!

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